Our Story

"Growing up I would watch my grandmother carefully roast and season seaweed for the family over a stove to reach the right level of flavor. We knew that the seaweed would be perfectly roasted and made with Love. Years Later, as on of the first and premier markers of roasted seaweed in the US, we strive to follow my grandmother's tradition of preparing our seaweed with the utmost care and love. We hope you enjoy our seaweed just as much as I enjoyed it as a child."

Spread the Love.

Founder of Seaweed Love,
Kevin Nho

Why are we Seaweed Love?

 We put a lot of love and attention into roasting our Seaweed. We start by hand picking top notch seaweed. Literally. My father travels to different sea harvests and chooses seaweed that meets his quality standards at the beginning of harvesting season in South Korea. Then our seaweed is roasted to perfection, drizzled with only the finest, delicious flavored oils, and sprinkled with natural sea salt to ensure maximum flavor and freshness. This is done right here in our very own facilities. We wouldn't dare ask anyone to do the roasting for us! Seaweed is delicate, and that's why it should be made with Love.